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Captain J.J. Dickison - Camp 1387

In Brevard County, the Captain J.J. Dickison, Camp 1387 was chartered in March 1982 and has approximately 40 members.  The Camp holds monthly meetings and provides living history programs for elementary, junior and senior high schools. 

The Camp also conducts Confederate Memorial Day ceremonies at local cemeteries (soldiers of both sides are honored), sets up public library educational displays, provides speakers and living history presentations to civic groups, and conducts quarterly beach cleanups in Satellite Beach. 

 The Camp maintains a period Color Guard equipped with Florida and Confederate historic flags for use in local parades and civic ceremonies.  The Camp has a Liaison Officer to The Tebeau-Field Library in Cocoa Village and The Brevard County Veteranís Council with a commitment of support for both groups.

E-mail Camp 1387 for information.

2nd Lt. Commander Nick Nivhols is Camp 1387's resident Genealogy Specialist who will assist you in tracing your ancestor's Confederate Service

. Please Contact 2nd Lt. Commander Nick Nivhols .
camp1387 at gmail dot com