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Captain J.J. Dickison - Camp 1387


Commander Marc Thornton 321-698-4550
1st Lieutenant Larry Thornton 321-208-1765
2nd Lieutenant Nick Nichols 321-259-6739
Adjutant Mike Reynolds 321-574-5450
Chaplain Tim Cobb 321-259-8391
Treasurer Tom Watkins 321-254-0241
Past Commander Kevin Atchison

Color Sergeant Rob Murray 321-269-7747
Quartermaster Marc Thornton 321-698-4550
Judge Advocate Don Lock 321-752-9276
PIO Vacent
Camp Talk Editor Steve Smith 321-631-7562
Heritage Don Young 321-452-3207
Recording Secretary Vacant
UDC/OCR Liaison Vacant

Any of the above listed Officers or Staff may be contacted through the Camp EMail Address
camp1387 at gmail dot com